New Patients

If you are new to the Rochester area and are in need of a pediatrician, we hope you consider our office. New patients are always welcome at Fairport Pediatrics. We know parents like to meet the pediatrician before committing to an office and we are happy to schedule a meet-the-doctor appointment so you have that opportunity and the ability to briefly discuss any concerns you may have. You can schedule this appointment by calling us at (585) 223-6111, and pressing option 6. Our staff will ask for your demographics, insurance, family information and set up your meet-the doctor appointment. After you have decided on your new pediatrician, you can schedule all future appointments with our staff.

Prenatal Appointments

We encourage all expectant parents to visit with our pediatricians. When you are expecting, having a pediatrician you relate to and trust is the key to many successful years of care. We offer prenatal appointments for all expectant parents. This can be scheduled by calling our office at (585) 223-6111 and press option 6. After information is obtained from you, an appointment will be set up. Our office will be notified by the hospital when your baby is born. Just let the hospital know who you have chosen as your pediatrician.


Your physician will be notified when your infant is born and either your physician will visit with you at the hospital, or your infant will be taken care of by the in-house pediatrician. Newborns are seen for their first office visit within a few days of leaving the hospital. Prior to leaving the hospital, you will be notified when to bring your infant into the office.

Well Baby / Physical Examinations

All well baby appointments are scheduled in advance and are opportunity to see how well your baby is growing and developing. These appointments are made with your pediatrician or nurse practitioner. The schedule for newborn well baby appointments varies slightly based on your pediatrician and may include the following:

  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months
  • 15 months
  • 18 months and
  • 24 months, depending on your pediatrician.
    • This schedule will be discussed with you at your prenatal appointment. You and your pediatrician will discuss your baby's growth, your baby's development, guidance regarding care of your baby and a discussion of protecting your baby from serious contagious illnesses with vaccinations. In addition, these appointments are a great opportunity to monitor any interval health concerns and address any of your parental questions and concerns.

      We believe in the benefits of regular preventive care and, therefore, encourage all of our patients to return for periodic recall visits. Exams are done more often if a medical condition warrants. Full child examinations are requested as follows:

      • Six times during the first year of life
      • Three times during the second year of life
      • And annually from age two through high school
        • At the time of your visit, your physician will discuss with you any changes in your child's overall health, any prescribed medications, any updates or changes in your family health history, review your child's growth, nutrition, school concerns, and any other concerns you may have. We also do routine screenings like vision and blood pressure checks. Your address, telephone number and insurance coverage will also be verified at each visit.

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